Monday, May 10, 2010

2 words, yucky yuck! I have been sick all morning, please pray for me! Just due to the baby but still sick none the less! BUT my kids have been a HUGE help all morning. I am so blessed to have them around! This afternoon we have homeschool group lessons, praying I feel better in the next hour so we can go! Going blog hopping now to see what's out there!


  1. I hope you're feeling better! (((Hugs)))

    Thanks for the visit and the follow at Ramblings & More! :-) I'm following you, too.

  2. Thanks for visiting my food blog. Following you back :)

  3. Hiya!I hope you're feeling better! I'm a homeschooling mommy of two boys ages 8 and 10.I came across your blog and was delighted to find another Domestic Goddess such as myself*laughs*We do have our hands full huh?But what a great life we lead!!I def will be following you!Feel free to follow me as well if you like!Take care and God Bless!:0)