Monday, May 24, 2010

Whew, what a weekend!

Wow, can you say Picnic! Friday night was my birthday and we went out for dinner, yum...Chicago Style Pizza!

Then Saturday it was off to the hubs job for a 125th Anniversary picnic for the company. We got to tour the shop, his office, the plant where tanks get fired. Boy was it so cool! The kids had a blast!

The food was so yummy!!! We had salad, fruit, pasta with sauce, pulled pork, bbq chicken, hot dogs, pasta salad, rolls, cookies, frosted brownies. The kids were given bags, and there were many fun things in each bag!

Saturday night, we had a birthday picnic here at the house, for me! Potato Salad, cole slaw, hot dogs, and hamburgers! Cake and ice cream! Double yum!

Then Sunday, my son Zach, had a Boy Scout Picnic! WOW, that was fun, water balloon fights, hose wars,  bottle rockets, games, and fun! We had hots and hamburgers AGAIN! Chips, brownies, cookies, watermelon, veggies and dip, mac salad, potato salad... you name it!

Then we came home, rested for a bit, and went to Garden Factory to purchase our plants for our garden! We planted Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Lady Bell Peppers, jalepeno peppers, sweet basil, and tonight will will plant tomato plants, and cucumbers and zucchini!
I will post pics later tonight!!

Today is the last day for our home school group classes, then we are SO done with school!!! YAY!!!!

Soccer pics tonight with Zach, then home to rest!


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower :) Happy Belated Birthday to you! Sounds like you kept yourself very busy over the weekend.

    I'm following you back!

    Stephanie @ My Frugal Lifestyle

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