Monday, May 17, 2010

Scary Ride home!

This afternoon driving home from homeschool group, we experienced a flat tire. Now to some that may not seem a big deal.

BUT let me tell you, WOW! I have never been so scared! We were driving on the expressway coming home and my son thought something hit his window. We all heard a noise, but there didn't seem to be anything wrong.....then Thump, thump, thump....oh boy.......

I pulled over, a saw a right rear flat. The issue, I had all 4 kids with me and we were in rush - hour traffic, yikes! The 2nd issue - the spare was SO rusted to the van no one could get it off. My hubby came to help us, the H.E.L.P. Truck came, the police came! Nope no budging! The Nice man, Dave from the H.E.L.P truck, said I ran over a nail!

My hubby has a small car, can seat 4 comfortably. Umm. we have 6! lol!!! So my MIL had to drive about 25 minutes {in normal traffic} to come and take 2 of the kids. SO after 1 hour and 15 minutes in very dangerous traffic, we finally were in the car on the way home. The van, NOT SO MUCH! My poor van had to wait for a Flat Bed Tow Truck!!! The kids were very scared because of the traffic speeding by!

So that was our excitement!!! Praising GOD for keeping us safe on the highway!!!


  1. That is SO strange, as we just had a nail pulled out of our tire, our son also had one a couple of weeks ago, our daughter in-law just had a blow-out last week, and our other daughter-in-law got out of her car in their garage and their tire blew! Not sure what is going on!:)
    Glad you are all ok!

  2. oh my word, scary! My husband and I got a flat tire when we first moved out to San Diego. It was also five oclock traffic in the middle of san diego in the pouring rain. It was pretty scary. I'm sure that wasn't easy with all your kids too. Glad it all worked out in the end and you got the help you needed :)

  3. It was crazy, we called the garage last night when we got home, and they said to get the spare off they would need a blow torch! LOL!! Hoping to hear from them soon so we can go get our van!!

    I forgot to mention how thankful I am to my MIL and Hubby for coming to our rescue! My cell battery was almost dead, and I have no car charger! That is on my list of things to get TODAY!!!!!

  4. Wow!What a scary situation.So glad everything worked out for you and your hubby and MIL were able to be there for you and the kids. Looks like someone above had an eye on ya*wink*

    On our way back from Florida to get some stuff from storage our uhaul truck (completly full)blew a tire and we didn't even know it..went all the way down to the bare metal didn't notice till we started swerving.That was scary enough.I can only imagine a tire blow out in a regular vehicle.

    Hubby is fanatical about checking the tires now since a few years ago he drove behind an unmarked construction truck and got nails in 3 of the 4 tires in our mini-van..ugggh!I SO wish it had a business name. I DEF would have called them and complained!

    I need to get a car charger for the boys phones since I use theirs as a back up to mine.I love my droid but oh my goodness the battery drains so easy!