Thursday, May 13, 2010

ColdStone Creamery


One thing I most definitely love about homeschooling is the field trips! Yesterday The kids and I went to Coldstone Creamery, and boy was that fun. The owner gave our group of 20 kids, plus 8 mom's a free tour, a demonstration in decorating cupcakes, building an ice cream cake, and making our own creations with mixing in yummy toppings!

They also sell chocolates and snacks, I spent way to much moolah, but it was totally worth it! The kids had so much fun learning everything it takes to own your own business and to make the ice cream and everything!

Today is a home day until soccer tonight.

My hubby also started preparing for our very 1st garden. He spent 2 hours last night, removing sod, so he can rototill it tonight! I can't wait to go pick out what we are going to grow!!

Any suggestions would be awesome!!!


  1. How fun! I really want to homeschool! I tried to follow you and I noticed that I already am a follower (like 4th I think). I'd follow you again if I could :-)

    Thanks for adding my button!


  2. Don't forget to comment with your blog name/url for other people to come check out your blog :-)

  3. ohhh good tip, I think I forget to do that! duh!!!

  4. Hey Jennifer! I have a blog award for you! I love reading your blog and feel you deserve it! Stop by my blog, read my post and find your name to find out which award you've won :)

  5. Actually I have TWO blog awards for you :)

  6. I loveeeeee homeschooling fieldtrips and I love Coldstone creamery..mix those two together and you have a win/win situation!*laughs*I have to find out if they have one here in Merryland nearby.I went to the one in Florida often!My newest addiction lately is the soft serve at the local little donut/ice cream shop! MMMMMM nothing like chocolate soft serve on a waffle cone! Uhoh now I want one and their closed! GRRRRR!lol! SO GLAD you all had fun,got a treat and learned something about owning a business at the same time.*Big smile*

    Aww congrats on your first Garden! I am SO happy for you! That will be the VERY first thing we do once we finally either A: Buy a home or B: Find a rental that we know we will be at for awhile with a flexible landlord and some land.We're in a month to month right now living the life of gypsys.Arrghhh! Most of our stuff is still in storage in Florida and will be till we find a bigger place or buy a home.With todays economy we are so up in the air right now on what to do.*sigh*

    Will it be a veggy garden or a flower garden or both? I can live vicariously through you!*chuckle*

  7. Does Home Day mean you stay home? I don't home school, but I think we definitely need a weekly Home Day this summer. In fact it may be Home Day/Sandwich dinner.
    Thanks for the idea!!

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  9. I love ice cream so much. I love Coldstone Creamery too. I have a lovely garden also. Good Luck with your garden. HAVE A BLESS SUNDAY!!! :)

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